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Greetings fashionistas! Happy June!

The beginning of June brings warmer weather, longer days, and sun-kissed skin. No complaints on my end; Summer is one of my favorite seasons! And after an extremely long winter, the summer months are going to feel like I won the lottery. 

Plus, a new season means new fashion, which is always really exciting! I was extremely happy to dig out all my sun dresses, skirts, and shorts and start putting outfits together. There are more options of how to look in the summer, which makes these three months even more fun!

Since we are just starting to dip our toes into summer, I figured I would make this post all about the big trends you'll be seeing in fashion this season. I put together seven looks that include pieces, patterns, etc. that will be huge in summer trends this year. 

The first look I put together is the perfect outfit for a festival. Festival clothing has become very popular every since Coachella this year, and this trend has expanded much further than just the west coast. This look includes an olive maxi skirt (maxi's are still huge this summer!) from Old Navy and a bird print flowy crop top from Forever 21. The accessories I added were a gold and green necklace from Banana Republic and a cute leather crossbody from The Sak. The skirt, top, and necklace are all Goodwill finds, and the bag was a find from a resale shop for only $12!

This look is taking on a Bohemian approach; a trend I've been completely obsessed with lately. Boho style is the go-to this summer, and I can't get enough of it! From flower crowns, fringe bags, and gypsy pants, the boho-hippie style is popping up everywhere. Although I haven't been brave enough to wear my gypsy pants out in public just yet, I have styled them for you here, so you can get inspired and wear a pair of your own! I found these blue and white patterned gypsy pants at Target on clearance for $11. I paired it with a basic coral tee from Old Navy that I knotted at the bottom. I added on this adorable lace vest by OP from Walmart that I received as a birthday gift. To top it off, I tossed on a bohemian charm necklace I found at Old Navy. I really love this look, and can't wait until I'm feeling daring enough to try it out!

This look incorporates two big trends this summer: high waisted shorts and daisies. High waisted shorts made their appearance at the end of last summer, and then enjoyed the fall/winter as well, when paired with tights. High waisted jean shorts are back this summer too, and can be found in most stores, because everyone is dying for a pair. I tried on a lot of different pairs that didn't look great on me. I finally found this pair at Target, and they look great and feel great too. I love the lace on the bottom, because it gives a sassy pair of shorts a more sweet look. A lot of women have been finding an old pair of "mom jeans" at Goodwill and end up turning them into high waisted shorts as well! Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to do this. I found this adorable daisy crop top at Goodwill for $3! It has a cute cutout on the back of the neck, which is nice for your skin to breath on hot days. I'm going to a concert in a few weeks and plan to wear this exact outfit! (and maybe add on a daisy head crown)

Another huge trend this summer is pineapple prints. I've seen pineapple prints on tops, shorts, shoes, scarves, and even as earrings and bracelets! The pineapple, after all, is a summer fruit and gives any outfit a tropical feel. Even though I don't enjoy eating pineapple, I really enjoy seeing this print on everything, because it SCREAMS summer! I found this pineapple tank at Kmart from the Dream Out Loud collection for $8. I paired it with a pair of white shorts with a brown belt from Goodwill that my bestie gave to me (thanks, B!). I also added a simple silver necklace. This look is so tropical and fun for being out in the sun! 

Like I said earlier, maxi skirts are still a huge trend for the summer, and that goes for maxi dresses as well. It's nice to just throw one on to stay cool on a hot day. I found this one at Savers thrift store. It has a pink chevron print, and chevron is still a huge pattern trend that I really like. Two trends in one: maxi dresses and chevron print! I added a cute peace sign necklace to get that little Bohemian feel. 

Another trend in the summer world is american flag pieces. I see the american flag on tops, shorts, and scarves, like this one here. The american flag trend gives a very country vibe to any outfit, and with the 4th of July being right around the corner, it's also a very festive trend. I found this flag infinity scarf at Zumiez for $10. I've also seen scarves like these at American Eagle and Forever 21. I added this scarf here to a soft denim apron dress from JCP. I love the denim with the pattern on the scarf together, combining the country vibe with a sweet denim dress. This will most likely be what I will wear for the 4th this year. 

The last trend I want to address is seen here. Anchors are everywhere you go now! Nautical style in the summer is still a really big deal, but throw in some anchors and you're golden! From clothing to jewelry to any accessory really, anchor prints can really pull together any outfit this summer. I found this cute anchor print dress at Old Navy. I threw on a soft grey coverup from Target to give the outfit a little more something. I didn't add a necklace because I didn't want to split up the fun pattern on the dress. This look screams beachy, but yet remains very sophisticated for any summer event. I just recently wore this outfit to a cookout, and felt very summer-y and comfortable all night.

So there you have it! So many summer trends to try out in only three short months; we better get busy! From Bohemian style to pineapples, maxi dresses to nautical prints, daisies to american flags, there are plenty of fun new things to incorporate into your style this summer!

Which trends do you like the best  and can't wait to try out? Or which trends do you hope will fade with our summer tans? Leave some comments and share your opinions! 

Although there are so many new things in fashion to try out this summer, also take some time for yourself and try out one new thing, non-fashion related. This summer, I've decided to try out yoga, and so far, I love it! It's hard to find time for ourselves in this busy world, but definitely make some time for one new thing for yourself, whether it be taking up a new hobby or visiting a new place. Clear your mind and have a summer full of positive energy! 

Well, that wraps up this post! Next time, I'll be talking about summer beach bag essentials and great looks when spending a day outside. In the meantime, try out some of these cute summer trends in fashion, and spend some time doing whatever it is you love! It is summer, after all! Take a breather. 

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